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It was some time ago, and far more than intended, because I spent some stories about my wife, exhibitionism while on holiday in Dorset. The answer to the first two accounts was very cheap - thanks for your comments. There are many incidents that I am very fond memories of the tastes that you would say. However, I will describe what happened on our vacation two weeks ago because it was so erotic and unknown territory for us. This is a true story: The weather was sunny and warm, my wife and I on our way to the beach near Ringstead. As usual, we were both full of excitement and anticipation to enjoy the glorious sunshine Dorset naked with the possibility of my wife in a position to appreciate the show, even men. This is not always possible, depending on who is on the beach. filmeseroticos This particular day was almost deserted. We have taken place in the back of the beach, which is more private, but stillpassing view. There was nobody even close to us, which was disappointing. The two took off and began to relax. After about an hour I saw a lone figure standing in our way. I could tell he was a man and I wondered, and hoped that it might be a nudist beach to be used. My wife and I fully understand each other when it comes to a situation like this. He seemed to go beyond us, but I waved and said good weather. He stopped and walked toward us. My heart began to beat very fast. My joy is to see my wife through other men and taken by surprise. When he could have approached us, can not see my tits and filmeseroticos hairy pussy woman in front of him. He was a local man who I think was in his fifties. We filmeseroticos exchanged a few niceties that introductions and invited him to join us for a drink. I was thrilled when he accepted. then made ​​a comment that really satisfies med I gave the first confirmation that he might be perfect. A look at my wife, who said something like ' Now you must excuse me, I have not seen more closely by ' I said, ' What do you think ' He said, ' I say no more. ' my wife said, ' Do not worry, he likes ' My wife, knowing exactly what I needed was busy on her knees Browse our case, glass found. There she was with her ass in front of us and it was his view complete hairy slit and the man stared at him. I filmeseroticos was so in my rigid cock began to walk on. After a short time with some encouragement from us, he has also taken off. His cock was semi -erect, medium size, no one for miles and I had visions that sucked my wife. After a few drinks, everyone was relaxed, and offered to rub suntan lotion on my wife. I would never ask was only the most beautiful pages to see his hands squeezed her tits and pinching. Then his hands all over her pubic hair, finger on his lips clearly explored. My wife looked at me with an expression that said simply : ' Is that what you wanted to see ' His penis was fully erect and looked great. He was on his knees filmeseroticos and was on his back. I could not believe what I saw. All inhibitions were gone. I looked at my filmeseroticos wife, who shows an expression of great joy and mouth silently to her ' suck his cock - Please ' is my ​​wife turned her head and put a hand on his balls, cupping filmeseroticos them. His other hand gripped the base of his penis and gently slid her mouth down without much fuss. Never forget, complaining that he can be, when my wife started to suck. No more than a minute later, he kept his mouth with sperm. I remember seeing running down his chin, I see only fantasize. I could not believe my luck - it was my wife sucking cock in another mans, who had just met, and let you finish on the back of your throat. Iimmediately grabbed from behind and had the most intense orgasm cum see her lick his cock. an invaluable time for me and my wife really enjoyed it too.
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